Preventing Factory Worker Hearing Loss By An Industrial Fan

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Preventing Factory Worker Hearing Loss By An Industrial Fan

31 October 2017
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Industrial fans are necessary for bringing clean air into a factory and taking dirty air out. Unfortunately, these large mechanical items can cause hearing damage in your employees. Here's what you need to know about this concern.

Hearing Loss In A Factory May Be Related To A Fan

Every year, nearly 25,000 people report hearing damage while at work. Over 80 percent of these people work in a manufacturing area. That's because factories like this often have very loud equipment that can contribute to hearing loss. One surprising influence that you may not have prepared for was a poorly maintained or installed industrial fan.

When an industrial fan isn't managed properly, it can end up running very poorly and loudly. When this happens, it is important to get the fan repaired. Failure to do so can end up causing even worse damage that makes the fan louder and further damages your employees' ears.

Why Fans Are Too Noisy

There are several reasons that an industrial fan can end up getting too noisy. Typically, this is caused by maintenance problems that aren't managed properly. For example, the blades of the fan may be off-center and causing the fan to wiggle while it cycles. As a result, the fan may rub up against the side of its box and create loud and whining noises.

Other maintenance problems include improper bearing lubrication and dirty belts. Managing these problems should be fairly simple. Open up the fan and inspect it for any damage. Fix these problems or contact a professional to do them for you. You may also want to get a professional to fix poor fan installation, as this problem can also cause a fan to be much too loud.

How To Decrease The Sound Of An Industrial Fan

Protecting the hearing of your employees requires taking steps to decrease the sound of an industrial fan. Most industrial fans should be quiet enough to avoid hearing damage. However, there are several problems that occur that can make them too loud. Improperly installing them too close to a factory can make them louder than necessary. There should be at least two diameters of duct pipe between the fan and its pipe into the factory.

It is also important to run the fan at a minimal speed. When you decrease the speed of a fan, you decrease its output. In fact, running it at half speed can cut its volume down by as much as 15 decibels. However, you should make sure that the air flow in the factory is also at a safe level. Cutting the fan speed too much can put your workers at risk.

That's why it is important to talk to an industrial fan specialist, like those represented at, when getting them installed. Again, these fans are designed to be safe to the hearing of everyone in a factory. By getting them properly installed and maintained, you can save the hearing of your employees. Don't be afraid to get the fans relocated to a safer location if necessary.