3 Important Things To Check When Buying Used Pallet Rack Shelving For Sale

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3 Important Things To Check When Buying Used Pallet Rack Shelving For Sale

21 December 2017
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Pallet rack shelving systems help you make the most of all of the interior space of your building, whether you own a warehouse or an industrial manufacturing plant. However, investing in all of the pallet racking you need for your business building can also be a little hard on your business budget, so buying used is definitely tempting. While it is perfectly fine to buy used pallet rack shelving, it is a must that you don't get used shelving that has issues. Here is a look at some of the things you should be looking for when buying used pallet rack shelving for your business. 

Is the pallet racking updated enough to be safe in the workplace?

Pallet racking has evolved greatly over the last several decades, and the upgrades usually happened because of safety regulation changes. Therefore, if you find pallet rack shelving for sale that is quite old, there is always a chance that it really should not be injected back into a workplace environment because it does not meet quality and safety standards. before you buy any used pallet shelving, find out when it was manufactured and then check current regulations to ensure the shelving is okay to use. 

Is the pallet racking complete?

Missing parts with used pallet shelf systems can be a really big problem. Just like any other industrial product, manufacturers come and go. This means that replacement parts specifically designed to coincide with the racking may be hard to find if the company that made it is not still in operation. Unfortunately, this can mean that you will not be able to get full use of the pallet racking because some parts will not be able to be put back together. Having parts custom made for pallet shelving systems is possible in some cases, but it can be a lot more expensive than simply ordering replacement parts from the same company that made the racks. 

Will the pallet racking have to be stripped down?

Over the years, one set of pallet racks can get coated with layer after layer of paint and stickers. In most cases, these layers of material can be removed, but in some cases, stripping down the extra layers of paint and adhesive would be too much of a chore to be a logical investment. So take a good look at any pallet racking you're considering and see how much cleanup will have to be done for it to be functional in your place of business.