3 Reasons To Feature Basmati Rice On Your Menu

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3 Reasons To Feature Basmati Rice On Your Menu

18 July 2017
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Creating a captivating menu is critical when it comes to the success of your restaurant. Many of the dishes served in eating establishments across the country feature rice as a prominent ingredient. There are many different types of rice available for your chefs to choose from, but basmati rice could be the best option.

Here are three reasons why you should feature basmati rice on your restaurant's menu in the future.

1. Basmati rice has a low glycemic index.

When it comes to monitoring health, the glycemic index of foods is important. People with diabetes or certain metabolic disorders can find it difficult to ingest foods that register high on the glycemix index scale.

If you want to ensure that your restaurant's dishes are healthy enough for everyone to enjoy, adding basmati rice to these dishes can be beneficial. Basmati rice has a lower glycemic index (weighing in at 52) than other rice varieties (like the 79 rating of white rice), making it a suitable option for those with special health considerations.

2. Basmati rice is high in fiber.

Fiber plays a critical role in a healthy diet. Consuming enough fiber allows an individual to help lower cholesterol levels in the body, reduce bowel discomfort, and better regulate blood sugar levels.

You can offer your restaurant patrons access to an ingredient that has a high fiber content when you make the choice to incorporate basmati rice into the dishes featured on your menu. Basmati rice boasts a fiber content that is 20% higher than than of brown rice, making it a great addition to any healthy menu.

3. Basmati rice can aid in weight loss.

If you want to attract patrons looking for healthy menu options, it can be beneficial to feature basmati rice in your dishes. Since basmati rice ranks low on the glycemic index, this type of rice takes a significant amount of time to digest.

The slow rate of digestions helps patrons to feel full longer once they have consumed a meal featuring basmati rice. This feeling of satiation will help reduce calorie intake, allowing your diners to utilize basmati rice as a valuable tool when it comes to weight loss.

Being able to identify some of the benefits that basmati rice can provide allows you to see the ways that featuring basmati rice on your restaurant's menu can help you contribute to the health and wellness of your patrons in the future. Visit a site like go4WorldBusiness.com for more help.