Boiler Failed? What To Do To Keep Your Operations Going

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Boiler Failed? What To Do To Keep Your Operations Going

7 February 2018
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If your business relies on a boiler to keep all of your systems going, having a boiler fail can be very serious. When a boiler fails, not only do you have to worry about fixing the broiler, you have to deal with all that lost production time from having your boilers down. You can shorten that lost production time by renting a boiler until your broiler is either fixed or replaced.

Quick Dispatch

When you call a mobile broiler system company, they will dispatch a rental boiler to you as fast as possible. How fast they can get the rental boiler to you depends on a variety of different factors, one of the biggest being the distance between where your facility is located and where the rental boiler system company is located.

Boilers are large pieces of equipment that have to generally be moved on semi-trucks. It takes time to load up the boiler and get it to you. If the boiler rental company is located in the same area where your boiler is based, you may be able to get a boiler the same day. However, if the boiler rental company is located far away from you, expect it to take at least two days for the boiler to make its way towards you. Many boiler rental companies serve large dispatch areas.

Shipping Charges

You will be responsible for paying for the freight charges to get the boiler to your business. You will also be in charge of paying for the rental itself. However, if you have the right insurance on your machines, your insurance may either pay for or reimburse you for the freight and rental charges of a backup boiler while your boiler is getting replaced. Talk to your insurance agent to make sure that you have the right insurance in place to support you if one of your boilers breaks.


You will be responsible for providing the fuel for the boiler. The boiler rental company is only going to supply you with the boiler. It can be expensive to ship fuel around the country. Additionally, you should be able to hook your rental boiler into the same fuel source that you were using for your main boiler.


Who handles setting up the boiler can vary. Some boiler companies will set up the boiler for you for an additional charge. Other boiler companies will require that you hire a licensed company to tie in and set up the boiler. They may even require you to provide contact information for the licensed company that you plan on using.

If your broiler breaks down, cut down on the loss of production for your company by renting a boiler. The boiler rental company will get the boiler to you, and perhaps set it up for an extra charge. You are in charge of providing the fuel for the boiler and keeping it working. When you get a new boiler set-up, just ship the rental boiler back to the rental company.