Selecting Industrial Equipment: What To Check

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Selecting Industrial Equipment: What To Check

15 April 2018
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Your success with an industrial facility depends largely on your ability to assemble the proper machinery and the right people to work with that equipment. Long before the facility can flourish, you'll need to select the exact machines you'll use. This seems easy, but ensure you're checking these factors before ordering industrial machines for your business.


You're probably working with a large industrial space when you start up, but the blade mixers, milling machines and other equipment you have in mind will take up space. You may plan to order multiple Sigma blade mixers, for instance, without checking that you've got adequate space for all of them. Often, industrial machines will require vent space and enough room for tubes and piping as well. Therefore, you should be well aware of the measurements of each machine you want to use. Proper planning will enable a workspace where everyone is comfortable, and everything fits properly.


Before buying anything, discover what kinds of warranties different manufacturers provide. This can be rather important in the months and years to come when you need to have repairs or replace anything. Some companies will only have a warranty for the entire machine, while others will have limited or full warranties for different components as well.

Replacement Ease

When you do need to come up with a new blade for a mixer or a new chamber for a sorter, how easily and quickly can you get it? This needs to be investigated before you purchase any equipment. You may call local vendors to see if they have replacement parts, but you can also directly call the manufacturer to get some idea of how quickly they can accommodate you if you need a part right away.

Customer Service

You won't need customer service when your industrial equipment is new, but once the facility gets underway and you've got work orders, and machines start to have problems, you can easily become upset and frustrated with poor customer service. Before the facility opens, therefore, it makes sense to leisurely contact different customer service departments to see which has the most knowledgeable and helpful staff.


You should also be considering the kind of machine maintenance you'll need to do with the equipment you buy. Steel blade mixers may not require much maintenance other than inspections and minor replacements as time passes, but other machines may require intensive maintenance schedules for oil changes, filter replacements, and other issues. Know that now so you can, in turn, inform employees and ensure proper maintenance is in place.

Your equipment is important to the health of your business. Consider these issues now to promote successful facility functioning in the future