Different Types Of Industrial Scrap Metal And What They're Worth

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Different Types Of Industrial Scrap Metal And What They're Worth

5 June 2019
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Industrial scrap metal is produced by the ton every month. Given this tantalizing tidbit, you might be wondering how to sell scrap metal from your plant, and what it might be worth. That all depends on the types of scrap metal. Take a look. 

Aluminum Scrap Metal

Aluminum is quite common, especially in industries and manufacturing plants. However, because it has a number of useful applications, it does place it in demand. To make it worth your while, be sure to recycle several tons of aluminum at the same time. Base prices for this metal are typically in the tens-of-cents range, so multiple tons of it will tip the monetary scales in your favor. 

Ferrous Scrap Metal

Ferrous scrap, or scrap with iron in it, or scrap that is entirely iron, is common. You can sell it, but it will not garner nearly as much as some other scrap metals. Still, if you have tons of it collecting in a heap, and it has to go somewhere, it just makes sense to recycle it and sell it at the same time. Just make sure all of your ferrous metal is separated from other metals in order to get a fair price for other, more valuable metals. 


Steel scrap is very valuable. If you have not sent a car to a scrap yard recently, then you probably are not aware at how valuable steel scrap has become. The very first thing most salvage yards will ask is whether or not the junked vehicle has steel or aluminum rims. They want the steel ones and will pay you more to get them. Hence, if you have a lot of steel scrap in your plant, you will turn a nice profit selling it as scrap for cash. 


You may not think that you have a lot of gold scrap around, but gold is inside most computers. You cannot extract the gold scrap yourself, but there are scrap companies that can. The minute you tell them that you have a lot of "e-waste" in the form of computers, they will be excited because they can extract the gold from these devices. The amount of gold is tiny, but if you have dozens of old computers that really cannot be used for much of anything, selling them to extract gold scrap will prove to be a profitable and beneficial move for your plant indeed.