Top Benefits You Can Enjoy Once You Start Using Sucker Rod Guides

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Top Benefits You Can Enjoy Once You Start Using Sucker Rod Guides

27 October 2020
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Sucker rod guides are used with pumping wells as an alternative to using sucker rods on their own. As the name suggests, sucker rod guides are designed to "guide" or hold sucker rods in the appropriate place. Since you can obviously use your pumping wells with sucker rods alone, you might think it's unnecessary to purchase and use sucker rod guides. However, sucker rod guides can be surprisingly useful and can provide surprising benefits for these reasons and more.

You'll Be Better Able to Protect Internal Tubing

Perhaps one of the main reasons why you might like using sucker rod guides with your pumping wells is so that you can protect the internal tubing. After all, because of the heavy-duty use and the metal-on-metal friction that internal tubing is often exposed to, it's not uncommon for this tubing to wear out fairly often. When it does, you have to worry about your pumping well not working as it is supposed to. Additionally, you may have to worry about stopping your operations so that you can take on the task of changing out the internal tubing. Because sucker rod guides help minimize metal-on-metal contact, they are great for reducing damage to internal tubing.

You Can Prevent Excessive Wear and Tear to Couplings

You don't just have to worry about internal tubing being damaged in your pumping wells if you don't use sucker rod guides; you also have to worry about your sucker rod couplings becoming worn out and damaged, too. Although these couplings are typically made from heavy-duty materials and are typically well-made, they can still wear out with heavy use. If you have sucker rod guides in place, you can help prevent excessive wear and tear on your couplings so that they will last longer.

You Can Increase Efficiency of Your Pumping Well

When possible, you probably want to increase the efficiency of your pumping well. After all, this is important if you want to maximize your output while minimizing your costs. Since they can help reduce friction, sucker rod guides can actually help with increasing the efficiency of your pumping well.

Although you might have always run your pumping wells without feeling the need to purchase sucker rod guides, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't look into them a little more. They can be affordable to buy and easy to implement, and you are sure to find that they will allow you to enjoy these benefits. Contact a supplier for more information about sucker rod guides.