What To Do When Selling Tube Fittings

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What To Do When Selling Tube Fittings

17 December 2020
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Tube fittings vary in shape and design, which ultimately give them a lot of applications. That makes them pretty easy to sell as there are always interested buyers. Still, you want to be careful when going about this process and use these tips. 

Make Sure Fittings Are Okay Structurally

There may be some tube fittings in your inventory that are a little banged up. They may have been used prior to when you received them or they may not have been made properly during manufacturing. Either way, you don't want buyers ending up with tube fittings with structural issues like bent portions or corrosion.

That would nix this deal and potentially make it harder to sell tube fittings to future buyers. If you just review every tube fitting before it goes out and make sure it's perfect on all sides, you can please buyers on a consistent basis.

Do Something That Stands Out

There are a lot of platforms that buyers can use to get all different types of tube fittings. You want to stand out from these other platforms because if you don't, there will be no incentive for buyers to buy your tube fittings. You'll simply get lost in the shuffle.

One strategy that can create a competitive edge right away is lowering the rates on your tube fittings. Whether it's compression fittings or mechanical grip fittings, lower rates will attract buyers because of the money they're saving. 

Putting protective coats on the tube fittings also is another way to distinguish your line of fittings because they'll be more durable and less susceptible to corrosion.

Vet Buyers Before Sale

You may have several buyers lined up to purchase fittings you have in stock, but to ensure this sale goes smoothly and really works for you as the seller, you should consider vetting buyers before sending off your fitting supplies.

Start with the location of buyers. Where are they located? Knowing this helps you calculate shipping costs and that's important to know when shipping a lot of tube fittings in bulk.

You also want to make sure buyers can show proof of funds before carrying out any large tube fitting order. That way you don't waste time and energy on buyers that aren't capable of payment. 

If you're fixing to sell tube fittings, knowing how to conduct these sales is pivotal in coming out with a profit and minimal stress getting in the way.

For more information, reach out to other surplus tube fitting suppliers.