How Diamond Tools Can Drill Through Some of the Hardest Materials

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How Diamond Tools Can Drill Through Some of the Hardest Materials

2 June 2021
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Some materials are so hard that it's not practical to drill through them using materials other than diamond drill bits. You might need a diamond drill bit if you are drilling through stone, glass, gemstones, very hardwoods, bone, and fossils. Also, you might need to drill a precision hole which requires a very small drill bit.

Diamond Drill Bits are So Strong That They Must Be Hollow

When in operation, the diamond drill bit can become very hot and will need a coolant to prevent it from overheating. The hollow drill bit allows for water to flow through it and cool it off. You will need both small diamond drill bits and small diamond core bits because you may not know how tough the material will end up being until you start drilling.

The Cost-Effectiveness of a Diamond Drill Bit

The drill bit has the ability to drill hundreds of holes before it must be replaced. The speed, pressure, lubrication, and density of the material you're drilling all determine whether or not the diamond drill bit will wear out more quickly. In some cases, you may only be able to drill 15 holes. However, you can increase this by using the lowest setting when drilling.

There are certain problems you might encounter if you are drilling at a speed that is too high. Your drill bit might get very hot, might operate at a high speed, or the diamonds might be wearing away. When this is the case, you should start at a lower speed and only increase the speed when necessary. This will prolong the life of your drill bit and lead to a better product.

You Can Open Up and Enlarge Holes

If you need to open up and enlarge a hole, you will need to use a diamond twist drill. For example, if you are a beat artist, this type of drill bit can be very useful. You may also want to use a diamond ball burr if you will be engraving, shaping, carving, and grinding. Then, you can achieve the artistic result you're aiming for.

Materials Diamond Drill Bits Shouldn't Be Used For

Some materials are not well-suited for diamond drill bits. For example, materials that are too soft will clog up the drill bit. However, under the right applications, you will be able to use a diamond drill bit several times before it must be replaced. For more information about drill bits, contact a local diamond tool manufacturer.