Buying A Used Lift Truck For Your Company? 3 Tips To Choose The Right One

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Buying A Used Lift Truck For Your Company? 3 Tips To Choose The Right One

5 August 2021
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If you are looking for a lift truck for sale to purchase for your company, buying a used one can save you money. You do, however, need to make sure you look closely at the lift truck to ensure it is in great condition before you buy it. Below are three tips on what to look for to get you started.

Ask About Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do to vehicles, including lift trucks, is to maintain them properly. Because of this, ask the owner if they can show you a history of the maintenance done on the lift truck. They should have records of what maintenance was done and when it was completed. 

If the lift truck has not been maintained in many years, you should consider walking away because many problems can stem from not maintaining the lift truck from the engine itself to the braking system. 

Inspect the Lift Truck

You need to inspect the lift truck closely. Unless you are experienced, ask a mechanic that has experience working on lift trucks to inspect it for you. The owner should have no problem with this. 

The mechanic will check things like the motor to make sure everything is working, the forks for any type of damage, the lift chain to make sure there are no gaps, and the tires. The mechanic may drive the lift truck to see if it drives smoothly and that the lifts work. The mechanic will look for any leaks and check the odometer reading. Ask the seller when the battery was last changed so that you know how long it will last. 

Inspect the Cab

Go into the cab, and sit down on the seat to check if the seat is secure. Try the seatbelt on so that you know there are no problems with it. Lower and lift the loader arms on the lift truck and see if they move smoothly. 

There are many controls in the cab that you should check, such as the floodlights, the backup alarm sound, and more. Check the load capacity of the lift truck. This should be found on a placard somewhere on the lift truck. You need to know the maximum amount of weight the truck can lift. 

The seller should answer any questions that you have about their lift truck to help you make your decision on if you want to purchase it.