Precautions To Take When Using PFPE Oils As Lubricants

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Precautions To Take When Using PFPE Oils As Lubricants

4 January 2022
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There will be some situations when parts and systems need PFPE (perfluoropolyether) oils for lubrication. They can work great in a wide variety of environments and temperatures. Just make sure you take these precautions when using them with any important system that requires lubrication for optimal performance.

Find Out What Materials Are Supported

If you want to make absolutely sure PFPE oils don't cause any harm to your components, but rather keep them properly lubricated so as to not overheat, then you need to see exactly what materials are supported. Every PFPE oil product will have a list, so verifying these details won't be a challenge.

Just make sure your materials are on this list, whether it's components made out of steel, aluminum, or a special alloy makeup. Such a simple step can keep your components lubricated in an optimal manner.

Use for the Right Reasons

There are a lot of different lubricant oils available on the marketplace today. If you end up choosing PFPE oil in particular, you need to make sure this selection is justified. Then you'll make the most out of this fluid's unique makeup.

One of the most relevant reasons to rely on this fluid product over others is because it supports a pretty substantial temperature range. You thus don't have to worry about it breaking down regardless of what type of environment it will be exposed to.

Also, if your components are exposed to reactive chemicals, then PFPE oil is going to be ideal to use because it can provide an additional layer of protection. 

Verify Sticky Deposits Aren't Left Over

Another great thing about PFPE oils when used as lubricants is a lot of them don't leave behind sticky deposits. That's going to keep your components in optimal condition and able to perform great for a long time. Still, you need to verify this quality after using PFPE oils for a period of time.

When you're about to change the PFPE oil out or add more to a moving system, check the components to make sure there aren't any sticky deposits. If you don't spot any, you know you have a superior lubrication product that you should continue using. 

If you're looking to support a system with lubrication as to keep it running smoothly, PFPE oil might be a substance you think about trying. You just need to follow a couple of protocols to get the most out of this fluid on a consistent basis.

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