How To Get Many Years Out Of PCD Cutting Tools

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How To Get Many Years Out Of PCD Cutting Tools

28 July 2022
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A lot of fabricators like using PCD tools for cutting because they're abrasion-resistant and can cut in refined ways. If you have some of these tools and want them working great for many years, then be sure to do the following things.

Place PCD Cutters on a Soft Mat When Not in Use 

When you're not using PCD cutters and you don't feel like placing them in storage just yet, it's a good idea to just place them on a soft mat. That will keep the edges of these tools in great condition, saving you from having to find replacements.

You just need to purchase a large mat that can hold all of your PCD cutters in one area. You might also look for a mat with an adequate grip on the back as to keep it from slipping and causing your PCD cutting tools to bump into each other accidentally. 

Prevent PCD Tools From Touching When in Storage 

It's a good idea to store your PCD cutting tools so that they don't fall victim to damage because of environmental conditions. You just need to make sure you use a storage solution that keeps each individual PCD cutting instrument separate.

That's going to keep these cutting instruments from colliding with each other, which could damage the edges and cause micro-fractures that you're not able to notice until it's too late. You can get one storage solution that has multiple compartments for each PCD cutting tool, making it easy to keep everything protected and isolated from one another.

Hire Qualified Inspectors to Perform Assessments at Different Intervals

Even though PCD cutting tools are very durable because of their diamond particles, it's still smart to inspect them at specific intervals. Then you can make sure the edges are in good condition and that the cutters are still sharp.

You just need to make sure you hire a qualified inspector to conduct these assessments on your PCD cutting instruments. Then you can trust the right aspects will be looked at and detailed inspection reports will be created for you to analyze any time later on.

If you have valuable PCD cutting tools and use them a lot when completing various projects, it helps to learn about proper maintenance protocols for them. Then you can make sure they don't damage prematurely, but rather are able to provide optimal cutting performance for a long time around your workshop.