Keys to Renting Out Road Barricades for Temporary Work Projects

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Keys to Renting Out Road Barricades for Temporary Work Projects

20 September 2022
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If you're working around a road site and need to keep people from getting near it, one of the best resources to use is a road barricade. You can rent these solutions out for temporary work projects. Just make sure you take these precautions when doing so.

Make Sure They're Easy to See

You want to make sure people who drive near these barricades see them from a distance so that they have plenty of time to reroute their course. That will keep costly collisions from taking place around a work site.

In that case, look at rental road barricade options from a supplier and see which ones are the easiest to see. That's going to depend on the colors they have incorporated throughout their design and the reflective materials they come with too. Orange barricades — for example — would be easy to see from a distance. 

Look For Lightweight Options

If you want to make it a lot easier to get road barricade rentals set up around a work site, then you need to look for a lightweight variety. Then you'll avoid issues moving these barricades around and ultimately getting them into position to create a barrier around a site being worked on near roadways.

You still want these barricade rentals to be made from durable materials, but a lightweight nature would make installation a breeze. Aluminum barricade rentals would be great for this purpose because aluminum doesn't weigh much at all.

Opt For a Hook and Sleeve Design

You may need to set up multiple barricade rentals next to each other because the site you're working around is quite large. In that case, you need a road barricade variety with a hook and sleeve design. Then all you have to do to connect one barricade to another is slide the side portions together until they lock in place.

The barricades are thus going to remain connected and give your work site all the protection it needs. Once your project is done, you can simply release the sides of these barricades and store them appropriately for easy transportation.

Some work projects near roadways need protection and you can easily provide it thanks to road barricades rentals. As long as you focus on getting the right variety from a supplier, these resources are going to help you create a safer work site for contractors that have to complete important work.