How To Be Prepared For A Home Heating Oil Delivery

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How To Be Prepared For A Home Heating Oil Delivery

24 February 2023
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For many folks, heating oil services are critical to getting through the colder months. How you handle the process of home heating oil delivery is just as important as placing an order, though. You can prepare to take deliveries by following these six steps.

Track Levels

Knowing your levels will make it easier for you to order the right amount of heating oil. You want to know how much you can order without the heating oil delivery overtopping the tank. Perhaps you don't know the tank well because it came with a property you just bought. If that's the case, have a contractor check it out, test the gauges, and tell you the specifications for the tank. The important thing is to have confidence that the readings are right so you can order the correct amount and be sure how the fuel will last.


Ask the heating oil company about its delivery schedule. Try to find a business that can accommodate your schedule because you'll probably want to be present for the delivery. Most companies can work a bit with a customer's schedule as long as they're not too busy.

Clear a Path

Ideally, the heating oil services driver can pull their truck right up to the tank. Try to provide as clear a path as possible to the tank. During the summer or fall, trim back trees and bushes near the path. Also, fill any potholes or ruts that might develop so the driver will have an easier time getting into your property.

Replenish Early

Placing an order early is the best way to avoid running out. If your tank is at the one-quarter level, it's a good idea to contact a heating oil company. This should give you enough time in case the delivery schedule is going to be backed up for a few days.

Look into the Suppliers

Talk with family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers about their preferred companies. Find out which firms deliver in your area. Ask how satisfied they are with the delivery and billing processes, too. Focus on quality and consistency rather than price because prices change every year but service lasts.

Know the Payment Process

Ask what the payment options are and how the process works. Make sure the heating oil company is willing to accept your preferred payment option. You may also want to discuss pre-payment so you can reserve a delivery for a specific time of the year, such as early fall.

For more information, contact a heating oil company near you.