Useful Repair Tips For Hydraulic Cylinders With Rust

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Useful Repair Tips For Hydraulic Cylinders With Rust

14 April 2023
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Hydraulic cylinders are very important systems used in a lot of machines today. Since they're often exposed to the elements, rust can develop on them. If this happens to your cylinders, be mindful of the following repair tips. 

Determine Why Rust Developed in the First Place

In addition to alleviating rust on your hydraulic cylinders, another thing you need to do is figure out why rust developed on them in the first place. Knowing this will make it easier to prevent rust development in the future. For instance, after inspecting your hydraulic cylinders, you may find out that they weren't properly sealed. Thus, moisture was able to build up inside the cylinders and cause rust to form. Finding this information out makes it easier to prevent rust going forward because you can proactively make sure cylinders are properly sealed the next time they're set up. 

Break Cylinder Down Before Completing Repairs

Before you repair a hydraulic cylinder that has rusted over time, you need to break it down completely. What this does is help you inspect each component for rust, including the rods, pistons, tubes, and nuts. You can be a lot more thorough when inspecting these parts individually. 

Then you just need to make a list of parts that are affected by rust. It then won't be difficult to be calculated with the repair tactics you focus on. This can lead to a well-functioning hydraulic cylinder that holds up for many more years under the right conditions.

Utilize a Soft Metal Brush and Oil

You don't need a lot of expensive equipment to repair hydraulic cylinders that have rust. All you really need are a soft metal brush and oil. The soft metal brush will help you scrape the rust away while the oil helps break down the formation of rust.

You just need to apply the approved oil all over the rusted sections and then give it some time to set. You can then go in with the soft metal brush and work the rusted sections until corrosion breaks apart. As long as you're gentle, you shouldn't have to worry about causing structural damage.

If you have a hydraulic cylinder with rust on different components, you don't have to replace it entirely. Repairs might still be possible. You just need to perform a detailed inspection of different components and then use the appropriate tools. These strategies will help you restore the hydraulic cylinder in no time.

Contact a local hydraulic cylinder repair service to learn more.