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After I started becoming more and more interested in manufacturing, I realized that there was a real problem with the safety of a few big factories in the area. In addition to not using some of the most top-of-the-line safety features, the factories also had a pretty unimpressive track record as far as safety went, which is why I started thinking more seriously about becoming a manufacturing safety enthusiast. I started a few campaigns to strengthen things, and some of them actually made a palpable difference. This blog is all about creating a safer work environment for your employees and friends.


Scaffolding Safety Fundamentals For New Users

28 July 2017
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If you're starting a major exterior remodeling job on your home, one of the things you might consider is investing in a scaffolding rental to help you get to what you need to reach. Scaffolding is a great way to do this because it's stable, stays up for the length of the project, and gives you a secure, level platform to work from. However, if you're new to using it, it can be intimidating. Read More …

A Guide To Industrial Fiberscopes

27 July 2017
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When you need to inspect your aircrafts or industrial equipment, the best thing to do is contact a professional that can sell you an industrial fiberscope. In addition to finding the best industrial fiberscope for your money, make sure that you follow a few repair tips and contact a company that can assist you with this work. To learn a little bit more about owning industrial fiberscopes, consider the tips below. Read More …

3 Benefits Of Using Storage Bins With Casters In Your Warehouse

25 July 2017
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In your company's warehouse, you may try to use as many handy storage containers as possible. One good option is to purchase storage bins with casters. You can usually find industrial-grade storage bins with steel casters in a variety of shapes and sizes. These are some of the benefits of using these bins in your warehouse.  1. They Can Help Prevent Injuries For one thing, you should consider the fact that using storage bins that have their own sets of wheels can be a great way to help prevent your employees from getting injured while lifting items around the warehouse. Read More …

Choosing The Right Pump Hoist

25 July 2017
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Drilling contractors rely on pump hoists to complete a variety of daily job-related tasks. Without access to the right piece of equipment, a contractor could find it difficult to complete a job safely and in a timely manner. Investing in the right pump hoist is critical when it comes to the success of your business. Here are three tips that you can use to ensure you are able to secure the right pump hoist for your drilling needs. Read More …

Waste Handling Through Preemption And Efficiency - Maintaining A Plastic Grease Trap

24 July 2017
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While there are many factors which go in to determining the efficiency of an industrial process, proper cleanliness should be kept high on your list of priorities. A dirty facility is likely to be one that lags behind in performance, and you might find yourself struggling to recover from untimely delays in order to keep up with your orders and responsibilities. Starting at the most basic level is a good way to make sure you're correctly overseeing the waste management aspect of your operation. Read More …