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After I started becoming more and more interested in manufacturing, I realized that there was a real problem with the safety of a few big factories in the area. In addition to not using some of the most top-of-the-line safety features, the factories also had a pretty unimpressive track record as far as safety went, which is why I started thinking more seriously about becoming a manufacturing safety enthusiast. I started a few campaigns to strengthen things, and some of them actually made a palpable difference. This blog is all about creating a safer work environment for your employees and friends.


Keys to Renting Out Road Barricades for Temporary Work Projects

20 September 2022
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If you're working around a road site and need to keep people from getting near it, one of the best resources to use is a road barricade. You can rent these solutions out for temporary work projects. Just make sure you take these precautions when doing so. Make Sure They're Easy to See You want to make sure people who drive near these barricades see them from a distance so that they have plenty of time to reroute their course. Read More …

How To Get Many Years Out Of PCD Cutting Tools

28 July 2022
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A lot of fabricators like using PCD tools for cutting because they're abrasion-resistant and can cut in refined ways. If you have some of these tools and want them working great for many years, then be sure to do the following things. Place PCD Cutters on a Soft Mat When Not in Use  When you're not using PCD cutters and you don't feel like placing them in storage just yet, it's a good idea to just place them on a soft mat. Read More …

Looking To Purchase Metric Fasteners? Learn What Factors You Should Consider To Select The Right Fasteners For Your Needs

31 May 2022
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Metric fasteners are used on a variety of items, including automobiles, boats, and machinery. They are the bolts, screws, nuts, and washers used to adhere parts together. As metric fasteners are used in a wide array of applications, there are a number of different types of fasteners. If you are in the market for some, it is important to learn what factors you should consider to help select the right fasteners for your needs. Read More …

A Boiler System On Wheels Can Give You Heat Or Power Wherever Your Company Needs It

6 April 2022
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Does your company do a lot of work outdoors? Perhaps you are in construction or you assist with disaster relief efforts? Maybe you run an entertainment company that holds outdoor festivals in rural areas and need to ensure heat or power even when out in the woods? A company that provides mobile boiler rentals may be able to assist you with your needs. Here's why renting one more mobile boiler is a good idea for your outdoor-focused company. Read More …

The Long-Term Benefits Of Installing A Water Well For Your Family Or Business

1 March 2022
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Have you always thought it might be nice to have your own water supply but never actually moved forward with that idea? Today, water well drilling companies have advanced techniques that could help you locate and find a water supply on your own land sooner than you might think. Talk to a water well company today about well installation and you will immediately gain a number of benefits for you, your family, or your business that will continue to pay off long-term. Read More …